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The Aviation Transport Agency offers complex services for all stages of cargo delivery — carriage, customs clearance, freight forwarding, loading and unloading, storage services, and cargo insurance.

Our specialists will develop for you the most optimal delivery scheme with optimization of cost, terms and technical conditions of delivery, as well as ensure control over the whole traffic route.

The main advantages of air transportation:

Speed. Maximally quick transportation of cargoes over long distances. In this respect aircrafts significantly surpass all other modes of transport.

Reliability. Air transport is the safest method of conveyance for any cargoes. If cargoes are properly packaged, any losses are practically impossible.

Accuracy. Flights are operated in accordance with the central schedule and agreed flight plans. Air transport ensures maximal accurate planning and operation of carriage.

Wide coverage. The highly developed route system ensures fast delivery of cargoes even to the most distant areas of the world.